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Enjoying NCF

Oh, those wonderful excitement-filled carnivals of our youth, where clouds of pink candy floss stick to our fingers and the showmen beckon us to win the “doggee-doggee”! Where the carousels spin round and round, lights flash and the music plays on. Of course, you’ll find all of this at the Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show in Simcoe, Ontario.

But if you’ve ever been to Ontario’s oldest agricultural fair, you also know why it deserves to be ranked one of the largest fairs in Ontario along with the Canadian National Exhibition, The Royal Winter Fair and Western Fair.  Also ranked in the Top 100 Fairs by Festivals and Events Ontario, the Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show has it all!

With over 15,000 entries in our competitions including Equine, Art, Livestock, Poultry, Garden Products with Giant Pumpkins, Homecraft and Photography bringing Norfolk County to over 115,000 visitors annually.  Great Concerts and 5 days of Motorsports fill the Grandstands over 7 days ending on Thanksgiving.

Listen carefully and you might hear the bleat of a baby lamb, all part of the menagerie of livestock that tweek the curiosity of urban dwellers and under go the scrutiny of those who know a champion when they see one. Listen carefully too for the sound of jingle bells. Wait a minute and a majestic team of horses will appear, outfitted in finery fit for a king! Open western horse show, antique buggy classes, pony classes and jumpers to the mix you’ve got one of the largest outdoor horse shows in Canada!

Our educational programs attract students from near and far as they learn more about our Heritage Culture and the food chain.

Young Canada Day on Opening Day, is a student celebration as all Norfolk Schools attend the Fair and compete in our grandstand for tug-of-war championships, road races and cheerleading. The coveted “spirit” award encourages each school to cheer loudly and boldly decorate their team “benches” in the grandstand making for a spectacular, colourful display of school spirit.

The Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show, see you in the Fall!


In 2019 the Norfolk County Agricultural Society Board of Directors approved a new STRATEGIC PLAN to lead our programs, services and facilities into the future.